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VITCFE is a student engineering project based in VIT University, Chennai. We are the group of undergraduate students studying at VIT University who aim to design, .conceptualize, fabricate, test and race a single seater, open-wheel Formula Style electric car, we are team with an ideology and goal to “Innovate and Design”. Forged in the fiery underground garage of VIT Chennai, VITCFE brings its unique brand of excellence and delight to the project. With the efforts and sleepless nights of VITCFE engineers and racing drivers who dared to push themselves to their limit and our car to the path of success and exaltation. The team was initially built on its relationship with extraordinary machines and creators. VITCFE is passionate about making sure that the systems, interfaces and performance of the car are of high quality, user friendly, emotive, aesthetically pleasing, clear, on-brand and usable - with a touch of mellow smoothness, and this passion led us to great victory in the year 2015-16,2016-17 and 2017-2018.


Our formula cars are the reflection of the hard work and skills the each and every team member possess. Each and every part is self-made and analysed and are manufactured for the final product.

1) PRETZEL (2015) Pretzel was the first formula car that was designed by the team which performed brilliantly at the national level.

2) HAZEL (2016) After Success of Pretzel, Hazel performed exceptionally well and taking us to the podium finish for the second time.

3) JERICHO (2017) Jericho was the 3rd masterpiece which won the encouragement award in FSAE Australasia, becoming the first Asian team to do so.

4) CHAN (2018) Chan is the latest addition to our team with an active DRS system.


Our team has been participating in FSAE and FS events over the years and performing tremendously well in the events. We have been participating in Formula Green and have been holding the podium position for the three consecutive years. We also participated in the FSAE Australasia in the year 2017 and won the encouragement trophy in our first year itself and becoming the first Asian team to do that. The latest event we participated was the Formula Bharat which was our first FS event and we did a great job there as well by standing 7th among the 100 participating teams.


Formula Green is a student engineering design competition, conducted by the ISNEE, where students take on the role of a small production team. It is India's first electric formula vehicle design challenge. Throughout a single year teams are challenged to conceive, design, finance, manufacture and finally race a prototype electric formula style racing car that adheres to the strict outlined regulations specified by the moderators.


The team is completely set and is working hard for 2020 season and the current designs have been finalised with performance, reliability and aesthetics as the pillars of our design. The team has gained much experience about the tournament and how to set all the things ready for this tour. We have learned from our past experiences from the previous season and are fully prepared to face all the challenges that comes in our way.


The Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE) organises a university competition, known as Formula SAE. It is the largest engineering competition in the world with over 500 teams participating, and events on every continent. The objective is to design and build an open wheel race car for the competition, where it will compete against cars made by other universities in various events. The competition is more than just an engineering project. The management, marketing and communications aspects of the competition ensure that you need to be more than just an experienced engineering student to be the best.


A champion team requires a strong management for their support and growth. VITC Formula Electric’s management department has done a great job over the years and have gathered more than 75 sponsors from all over the world. These sponsors play a major role in the overall growth and development of the team. We’re currently looking for sponsors who would be willing to help us reach this goal. Can we count on you to donate any amount of money to help? We’re so excited to have you join volunteer team!! Thank you in advance for your dedication and service to our team of undergraduate engineers of VITC FORMULA ELECTRIC.



Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to contact.vitcfe@gmail.com

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